CNC Equipment Financing

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Fast Approvals for Pre-Owned Machines

We understand that many CNC machine buyers require financing to make a purchase. That’s why CNC Exchange partners with two firms that (1) specialize in the financing of pre-owned equipment, and (2) offer quick approvals.

CNC equipment financing provides several benefits. You can:

  • Expand your production capacity more quickly
  • Lower depreciation losses from new equipment
  • Spread investment costs over a longer period

Commercial equipment financing is often available with zero upfront payment required. When financing industrial equipment, your lender may offer a period of favorable interest rates — even as low as 0%.

When discussing the terms of heavy equipment financing, be sure to understand the details of your agreement, and inquire about the above benefits if they aren’t offered. In addition, make sure that the machinery loan incurs no penalty for early repayment. Your used equipment financing partner should be experienced and knowledgeable about the machinery you’re purchasing as well as the improvements it will provide for your business. This can help you negotiate a fair rate.

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We offer loans, leases and financing for used CNC machinery — with experience and expertise in the industry and the benefits of proven, vetted loan partners. If you’re interested, please fill out an application form online by clicking one of the links below.


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