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Tig Welding Cell Skyhook


robotic welding cell tig
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Specifications Below

Project 12908-001 Overview

Equipment Summary
ARC Mate 120iC Robot Package
Indexing SkyHook 1300KG Servo Positioning System
Precision Robot Riser
(2) Lincoln Power Wave R350 Welding Package
(2) Power Wave® Advanced Process Welder Module
(2) Fanuc Servo Torch with Dinse Robotic TIG Welding Torch
Automatic Tool Changer
TorchMate II™ Calibration System
Arc Voltage Control Seam Tracking System
(2) Servo Robot Power-Trac Laser Tracking Camera
Custom Equipment & Robot Pallet
Operator Panel
Main Cell Interface Panel Without Power Distribution
HMI and Indusoft Integration
Safety Cell
Stack Light Status Display
Pneumatic SmartDock™ for Fixtures

Qty Description
1 ARC Mate 120iC Robot Package
- ARC Mate 120iC 6 Axis Robot
- R130iB Controller
- Color TFT backlit LCD screen Teach Pendant (10m Cable)
- 5 Motor External Axis Package Hardware
o Motors
o Amplifiers and Drives
o Cables
- Robot Options
o Ethernet I/P
o 4D Graphics
o Constant Path
o Automatic Voltage Control (AVC)
o CD Dynamic UFrame Arc
o Coordination Motion Package
o Heat Wave Sync
o DCS Position, DCS Speed Check, and DCS Safe I/O Connect
o Safety I/O Board
o Error Code Output
o Karel
o Lincoln Weld Equipment Library
o PC Interface
o Servo Robot Interface [Included in Servo Robot Pricing]
o SKS Equipment Library
o TIG Arc Package
o Torch Guard
o Servo Torch [Qty 2, Included in Weld Package Pricing]
- Note: Final robot configuration and options subjection to engineering
- Reach: 1811 mm
- Repeatability: 0.08 mm
- Payload Capacity: 20 kg
- 480V 3Ph

1 Indexing SkyHook 1300KG Servo Positioning System
- Two-station interchanging manipulator with two servo axis per side(5 servo axis total)
- Horizontal interchange axis
- All axes are AC servo with motors electrically isolated from the positioner for increased uptime
- 1300 kg. load capacity per side, including fixture
- 650 kg. load difference per side
- Max swing diameter of part and fixture 1500 mm
- 15 rpm maximum positioning speed on platter
- 15 rpm maximum positioning speed on arm
- 15 second station interchange
- Customized to minimize load height. Load height of approximately 600 mm [Note, requirement for floor light curtain or laser scanner increases minimum load height]
- Shot pin on interchange axis to prevent movement during loading and unloading
- Pneumatic relay for shot pin control
- Drive units enabling simultaneous motion of both axis
- Full coordinated motion between robot and positioner axis
- Includes additional pass through hardware for back side purge

NOTE: positioner load must fall within the following specifications. 1,568NM torque on the arm axis and 3,920NM bending moment on the Headstock

1 Precision Robot Riser
- Robot mount to optimize work envelope
- Machined surfaces for system calibration
- Bushings for robot alignment
2 Lincoln Power Wave R350 Welding Package
- Power Wave R350 Power source
- PowerConnect™ Technology (patent pending) - Automatically adjusts to input power while maintaining a constant welding output throughout the entire input voltage range
- Tribrid™ Power Module - Exceptional welding performance with high power factor and efficiency
- 4 roll wire feeder with feed rolls
- Build in feeder control
- Gas flow sensor
- Process stop package
- Wirefeeder bracket
- 15’ wire conduit

- 300A output at 100% duty cycle
- 350A output at 40% duty cycle
- Process Capabilities:
o Pulse
o Pulse-on-Pulse®
o Power Mode®
o RapidArc®
o Rapid X™ (When paired with STT® Module)
o TIG (When paired with Advanced Module)
o Upgradeable for additional processes to be developed in the future.

NOTE: STT functionality not included with this item

2 Power Wave® Advanced Process Welder Module
- TIG Welding Capability
- Exceptional Arc Control - Burnthrough control on thin metal or critical pipe welding
- Ultimarc™ - Dynamically and simultaneously controls all heat input parameters
- Modular Design - Easy connection and fast digital communication
- Compact Footprint - Connects directly to Power Wave
- Self-Protecting Circuits - Protects itself from the excessive transient voltages associated with highly inductive weld circuits
2 Fanuc Servo Torch with Binzel Robotic TIG Welding Torch
- Torch Model: WHW400WS 180D
- Torch includes Cold Wire Feed
- Fanuc Servo torch push/pull gun
o Driven by Fanuc Servo motor
o Ability to mechanical pulse wire
o .045” Drive Rolls
- Wire feed assist
- Water Cooled
- Custom brackets to allow for mounting of laser tracking camera

1 Automatic Tool Changer
- (1) Primary Tool attached to robot
- (2) Secondary tool (s) for:
o TIG Weld Torches
- Stand and precision docks for each tool
- Fast/repeatable switching from one tool to another
1 TorchMate II™ Calibration System
- Automated calibration of Tool Center Point (TCP) based robot tools including (but not limited to):
- Automatically adjust tool position and angle
- Utilizes a simple calibration block with no moving parts or electronic components to fail or require calibration.
- Low or no impact in cycle time or throughput
- Optimized update times
1 Arc Voltage Control Seam Tracking System
- Maintains constant arc length for constant current welding applications
- For use on power supplies with constant or pulsed current capability
- Requires Constant Path robot option
1 Servo Robot Power-Trac Laser Tracking Camera
- Power-cam Laser Camera
- Power-Box control unit
- 5m shielded laser-camera cable
- Digital I/O (16 in, 16 out) for R/M
- Ground Fault Detector option
o Protects camera from possible damage caused by welding current if accidental contact occurs
- Basic seam processing module
o Automatic control of optical laser-camera
o Image profile acquisition
o Joint processing module for lap, butt, corner, and fillet joints
o Measurement filters for process stability
o Communication interface to pass vision information to the robot
- Advanced joint processing module option
o Allows joint finding on most groove joint preparation used in arc welding which are not covered by the basic seam processing module
o Includes V-preparations, joints with curved surfaces, pipes and other special surface preparations for joint assembly
- High Frequency protection option
- 25 replacement lenses
- Insulated bracket
- Manual for software and hardware
- Mounting brackets
- Calibration plate

Note: System will be setup with Wolf Standard functionality package. Custom inspection software not included. Air cooling unit to cool camera while welding not included. Equipment is assumed to be suitable to customer application. Items such as joint profile, joint size, reflectivity, desired travel speed etc. effect camera’s ability to successfully sense and define joint geometry. Specific joints may require prior testing before sensing capabilities can be guaranteed.

1 Custom Equipment & Robot Pallet
- Integrated cable trays with aluminum covers for
cable routing and excess cable loops
- Built in forklift tubes
- Holds:
o Robot
o Robot controller (multiple cabinets)
o Power supplies
o Robot accessories
1 Operator Panel
- Twist Release E-Stop
- Programmable Manual Jog (If Applicable)
- OK to Enter Pilot Light
- Safety Reset / Op Ready
- Program Start
- Program Stop

1 Main Cell Interface Panel Without Power Distribution
- Hoffman enclosure – NEMA class 12
- Back plane assembly
- Mounting for Seam Tracking, Tactile searching interface, safety, etc
- Cable covers as required.
- Will use UL certified components
- Panel will be built at UL certified panel build shop
- Allen Bradly CompactLogix PLC. Note: Safety logic will be performed through Fanuc Controller
- PLC Programming
o Development Software
 Allen Bradley Studio 5000
 Latest version, or version specified by customer
o Ladder Logic developed in format per customer’s specification
o Data Acquisition Support
 PLC will be programmed with Data Acquisition tags as specified by the customer
 Data Acquisition tags will be updated at the PLC scan rate or 10 Hz, whichever is lower
 PLC will present the tags only. The PLC program will not push Data Acquisition tag data to another device. Data acquisition of tag data will be the responsibility of the customer.
o HMI support
 PLC will be programmed to support the system HMI

1 HMI and Indusoft Integration

Provides an overview of the system and basic diagnostics in an easy to understand color graphic environment.

Includes the following:
- Phoenix Contact Industrial PC running Windows Embedded 7
o Customer will provide hardware support as needed.
- InduSoft developed screens [To be created by customer]
o Main Screen
 Part Selection and Display
 Cycle Start, Cycle Stop, and Abort Cycle
 Operator Login
o System Status Screens
 Equipment status
 Live Cycle Time
o Manual Operation Screen
 Torch Cleaning Cycle
 Move to Service Position
 Rotate Positioner
o I/O Status Screens
o Setup Screens
 Operator Login Information
 Part Description and Parameters
o Alarm and Alarm History Screen
o System Documentation Located on HMI
 Product Manuals
 User Manuals
 Electrical Schematic
o Time and Date Banner on All Screens
o Navigation Buttons
- Badge reading capability
- Note: Indusoft licenses not included
1 Safety Cell
- Door interlock unit
- Pre-reset unit
- Light curtain package
o Vertical light curtain at entrance
o Two laser scanners to scan load area
- Modular safety fence to SpaceX standards (Blue flash protection, 80-20 structure)
- Maintenance gate
- Prox sensors to ensure material handling jib crane is in safe position
1 Stack Light Status Display
- Four LED lights for cell status indication and alarms: Blue, Green, Red, Amber
- Audible buzzer available to replace one of the lights

1 Project Management and System Engineering
Engineering functions
- Two dimensional (2d) system layout of system included in the layout are:
o Physical dimensions of system
o Equipment location
o Foundation Requirements (if applicable)
o Utility requirements
- Design of required equipment (brackets, cableways, risers, etc…)
- Three dimensional modeling (as required)
- Review compliance to applicable specifications
- System schematics & B.O.M.
- Controls design of system
- Software modifications per cell configuration

Project Management functions
- Review of engineering specifications and designs
- Equipment specifications for ordering functions
- Weekly project reviews
- Project planning & logistics
1 System Setup and Functional Testing of Equipment in Fort Collins, CO
- Layout & cell setup
o Rigging cost
o Misc hardware
o Cell assembly & software loading
- Wiring & labeling per Wolf Robotics specs
o Part Programming and runoff not included in this item
1 Equipment Documentation
- Peripheral equipment manuals for purchased components
- Assembly drawings
- Electrical schematics
- Input / Output listing
- Documentation provided to Wolf Standards. Custom operator manual not included. Operational instruction assumed to be included on Indusoft platform. Additional documentation requirements will be charged at T&M and noted in options.

1 Painting Standards for Equipment
- Robot = RAL 9016 Traffic White
- Robot controller = Computer beige
- Purchased components = Per manufacturer’s standard color and finish
1 Pneumatic SmartDock™ for Fixtures
- Pneumatic actuated primary dock for fast attachment and removal of fixtures
- Part present sensing
- Integrated safety to prevent accidental detachment
- Simple design for low maintenance
- Designed to work with existing fixtures with minimal modification
Note: Secondary tooling fixtures not included in this item

2 Pneumatic Hold and Locate Fixture
- Includes 3D Design, Build, and Testing
- Reach reviews for weld accessibility
o Reach reviews are completed in RobotStudio simultaneously to fixture design, ensuring proper torch access is allowed.
- Repeatable and durable robotic grade design
o Critical tolerance clamping features coated in black zinc or similar
o Shimmable clamping features
o Hardened leads and rest pads
o Minimized pinch-points and falling hazards
o Quick and ergonomic load/unload
o Painted weldments (Wolf Grey or as specified)
- Controlled by operator input via the Wolf Cell Controller
- Verification to be done by:
o Dimensional inspection (faro arm or similar)
o Part inspection post welding
- Tooling will be provided with the following documentation
o Assembly Prints
o Spare Parts List
o Generic Solid Model (.sat, .stp, or similar)

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Located at SpaceX Rocket Road Hawthorn, Ca. Like new condition
replacement cost $250,000+


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