OTC Daihen ECO-ARC 200B Cell With FD-V8 Manipulator, WB-P400-350Amp Pkg


OTC Daihen

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ECO-Arc 200B

Southern US

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Specifications Below

Foot Print and Dimensions
Standard Basic
Width: 2194mm (86.4”) 2140mm (84.2”)
Height: 2148mm (84.6”) 2200mm (86.6”)
Depth: 3430mm (135”) 3420mm (134.6”)
Tabletop Dimension
Width: 800mm (31.5”)
Depth: 600mm (23.6”)
Height: 974mm (38.4”) From floor
Mechanical Configuration
Two stationary tables with machined flat surface (mild steel)
Pneumatic controlled auto shutter (sheet metal)
(Excluded on basic configuration)
Access door on side
Zone kit on robot first sweeping axis for safety
Air preparation unit (Filter & Regulator)
Exterior sheet metal panels (Excluded on basic configuration)
Electrical Configuration
Operation box for Servo on and Start/Stop button on station 1 (left side)
Start/Stop button on station 2 (right Side)
Internal PLC is used for system control (IsaGraph based PLC emulator)
Control reliable safety circuit with safety relays
Safety rated switches on shutter and access door for safety
Most cables routed internally for added protection.
Safety Features
Robot and robot control meet cUL safety requirement
Hard shutter tied safety circuit restricts/protects operator from access to the robot arm and arc flash
during equipment
Zone ring provides a means of monitoring the position of the robot manipulator to provide safe access
for parts loading to the system.

Equipped With

OTC ECO-ARC 200B BASIC - Includes
• Arc welding cell • Floor mounted safety fence enclosure
• Welding power source • Teach pendant 8m
• FD11 robotic controller • Common Base for robot and stationary tables
• Operation box / start box • Control cable 5m
• Robot manipulator • Manual sliding operator load doors
Robot Module
• Robot Manipulator FD-V8
• Control Unit FD-11
• Tech Pendant (8m) FDTP-08
• Operation box / start box FDOP-1005
• Control Cables (5m) FDRB-1805
Power Supply & Welding Kit
• Welding Power Supply WB-P400
• Control Cables (5m) FDRB-5505
• Welding Torch RT3500H
• Coaxial Cable L-10621
• Wire Feed Unit AF-4012
• Cable & Hoses A2RB-4D05
• Wire Reel Stand L11433A00
• Conduit L10597D00
OTC Torch Cleaning & Cutting Station w/ Pedestal
Touch Sensor Unit & (5m) Cable
Opticam Classic Fixture Design
*Parts Warranty unitl 5/2022

FD11 robotic controller, Robot Manipulator FD-V8, Welding Power Supply WB-P400, Parts Warranty

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