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Vertical Machining Centers (5-Axis or More)
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Specifications Below

X 21.6
Y 39.4
Z 19.7
# Axis 5.0
RPM 14000.0
# ATC 113.0

1 D500 $490,000 $490,000

1 01000 14,000 RPM Spindle Std.
1 05001 JIS Retention Stud Std.
1 13010 A-axis (Standard) Std.
1 13011 C-axis (Standard) Std.
1 13012 Rotary Encoder(A,C-axis)(Standard) Std.
1 16000 Navy Blue Two-tone Std.
1 29022 Base Coolant (ATC side) Std.
1 29019 8 Nozzle Coolant Supply Device
For standard 14K spindle. 4 Nozzle Coolant Supply Device is standard when selecting either 20K or 30K spindles. Std.
1 29001 Through Spindle Air Std.
1 29002 210 psi Through Spindle Coolant and Air
Available for 14K and 20K (HSK-A63) Spindles only Std.
1 29020 Overhead Shower Coolant System Std.
1 29009 Water Soluble Coolant Std.
1 30000 Conveyor in Splash Guard (Operator side) Std.
1 30015 Front Discharge Lift-up Chip Conveyor with Coolant Filtration (Scraper type) Std.

31015 H1250
Operator Door Lock & ATC Door Lock (with power shut off)
1 31014 Lighting Device Inside of Splashguard (1 fluorescent light) Std.
1 31005 Additional Lighting Device Inside of Splashguard (1 fluorescent lights) Std.
1 32000 Air Dryer
Recommended to prevent moisture contamination of internal machine components. Std.
1 32002 Automatic Lubrication (Daiken)
Daiken auto lube supplies grease to all LM guides on the machine, matrix magazine, and also to the ball screws. Std.
1 47038 Portable Manual Pulse Generator with the Handle Enable Button Std.
1 47003 Run Hour Meter (Power ON, Spindle ON, NC automatic ON, Resettable)
Three separate meters indicating the number of hours for N/C On, Power On, and Spindle On. Std.
1 47006 Signal Light 3-layer
Indicate color in the allotted space (without indication: Yellow, Red and Green) Std.
1 47035 MTC Door Interlock Std.
1 47201 Language (English) Std.
1 47301 Pro.5 Screen (English) Std.
1 47401 Manual set MAKINO (English) Std.

1 47601 Manual set FANUC (English) - NA Std.
1 47701 Operation Panel (English) Std.
1 47801 Legend Plate (English) Std.
1 48001 Unit: Inch Std.
1 48007 FANUC Guarantee (2 years) Std.
1 L6192 FOB Port/Source (Customer)
The trucking company will invoice customer directly and customer assumes ownership at POE. Std.
1 48500 Export Packing Std.
1 48504 Anchor Bolt (Standard) Std.
1 53005 UL Electrical Specification Std.
1 58000 Inch/Metric Selection Std.
1 59000 Helical Interpolation (G02,G03)
(G02,G03) Allows circular interpolation of any two (2) axes while also interpolating a linear axis. Std.
1 59010 Linear Interpolation Type Positioning
Linear interpolation type positioning is a positioning system in which the respective axis movements are synchronized so that the tool path of the feed axes is linear at all times. The path is a simple line even when multiple axes are moved simultaneously. Std.
1 60002 Inverse Time Function (G93)
Allows the control to automatically calculate a velocity command based on the block distance programmed. For example, F1.0 would require the control to execute the block distance move in one minute regardless of the block distance. Std.
1 61008 Program Storage to 1,050ft (320m) (126kb)
Additional available Registered Programs option - Registered Programs total - 250 (only) Std.
1 61023 250 Registered Programs
Only available with 320m Part Program Storage Std.
1 67000 High Speed Skip Function
Increases accuracy of the probe by increasing the frequency which the CNC control monitors the probe for the touch trigger. (The standard skip function setting is 0-2.0 msec., the high-speed skip function setting is 0-0.1 msec.) the end user can benefit by decreasing probing time through increasing probe feedrates at the standard accuracy, or increase probing accuracy at the standard probe feedrates. Std.
1 67004 Program Restart
This function specifies Sequence No. of a block to be restarted when a tool is broken down or when it is desired to restart machining operations after a day off, and restarts the machining operation from that block. It can also be used as a high-speed program check function. Std.
1 68005 Rigid Tapping Std.
1 68009 Custom Macro (common variables: 100) Std.
1 68010 600 Macro Common Variables
Variable #: 100-199 cancelled at power off and reset, 500-999 are permanent. Std.
1 68017 Programmable Data Input Std.
1 72004 Super GI .4 Control
SGI) for high accuracy / high speed machining of complex shapes. 600 block look ahead and advanced acceleration/deceleration provides maximum benefits when machining complex three dimensional shapes having small movements per block. Std.
1 74511 Tool Center Point Control for 5-axis Machining
Following the change in tool axis direction, the movement at the tool center point is controlled to track the programmed path at the specified speed. With this function, even when the tool length is changed, it is not necessary to remake the part program. Requires SGI.4 Std.
1 74514 3 Dimensional Cutter Compensation
Following the change in tool axis direction, the movement at the tool center point is controlled to track the programmed path at the specified speed. With this function, even when the tool length is changed, it is not necessary to remake the
part program. Std.

1 74516 Three-Dimensional Manual Feed
This function enables the tool to be moved manually along a tilted surface or the tool axis. This function also enables the rotary axes to be moved manually without changing the position of the tool tip. With this function, it is easy to set up machining of a tilted working plane.
1 74517 Tilted Working Plane Command
By specifying a tilted plane as a working plane and programming on the working plane (X, Y), machining can be automatically carried out on the specified tilted plane. Rotary axis motion is automatically controlled in such a manner that the tool axis is perpendicular to the tilted working plane. With this function, it is easy to make a part program even on a tilted plane.



1 76000 ECO Mode Functions Std.

1 M1000 Machine Set-up & Installation Std.

1 M1001 Training
Two (2) training credits are included with each machine purchased. Each training credit is valid for students to attend any scheduled class at a Makino training facility. These credits are valid for one year after the installation of the machine. Any training after this year will be on a tuition basis. Training credits are not valid for onsite training.


1 M0010 Standard QS9000-TE 20 Hour Dry Cycle Test Run
In compliance with QS9000-TE, a standard set of verification inspections and tests are performed on all machines prior to shipment from the factory. These tests include a 20-hour error free continuous dry run and a confirmation of all performance specifications.
1 L6116 D500 Start-up Assistance Training
Makino will provide up to five days on site training. Makino Five-axis Applications Engineer will provide customer specific part applications assistance. Goal is to assist with getting first part machined on D500. Topics may include pro-5 control training, review of 5 axis processing techniques/control options, assist with debug of part process/program and detail requirements of Makino`s high speed motion control technology SGI.4. Training to be scheduled when customer has the `first part` fixture, tooling, process and programs ready for the D500 along with availability of CNC programmer and machine operator. Subject to prior sale of resource capacity.
MACHINE Options for Machine: D500 Shank



1 04003 HSK-A63 Spindle Interface
HSK-A63 Tool/Spindle Interface, in place of Standard Spindle. Consists of double taper, full face contact, hollow shank interface, in lieu of CAT 40 taper interface. HSK provides higher rigidity and accuracy. $6,300 $6,300
1 13016 400mm square pallet table specification 300kg weight load (200mm cone pitches, with 1-pc tapped holes pallet)
400mm square pallet. Max pallet load 300Kg. 200mm cone pitch $0 $0
1 14004 113 Tool ATC
Expandable up to ATC 155 $44,300 $44,300
1 14014 HSK Pot for 113 Tool ATC $6,800 $6,800
1 23009 Robot Shutter
Shutter opening: 700 X 985mm $9,000 $9,000
Scale feedback
1 26000 Moire Scale Feedback X,Y,Z-axis (0.1 micron)
Provides linear positioning of +/- .0015 mm (0.00006) over full stroke, and +/-
.001 mm (0.00004`) repeatability with proper environmental control. Resolution is
.1 micron. $13,600 $13,600
1 29003 Workpiece Wash Gun Operator`s side One gun located at the operator`s side. $2,100 $2,100

Chip removal
1 30019 Front Discharge Lift-up Chip Conveyor with Coolant Filtration (Scraper type) H1250 Tank Capacity 900L - NA

$0 $0

Splash guard

1 31001 Mist Collector (including Joint mount) $13,000 $13,000
Monitoring system
1 37004 Automatic Non-contact Tool Measuring Function
Blum laser measurement system. Blum laser measurement system. This function automatically measures the length, radius, and center of a tool that is rotating in the spindle. In addition, it can detect any broken tool and can set a tool center to the external workpiece reference point offset. Note: Includes BTS function. $0 $0
1 37005 Automatic workpiece measuring device (Renishaw OMP60)(With Center of Rotation Axis Measurement and Measuring block)
With optical link for part search, part location, reference face definition, hole centering and other measurement functions, complete with work coordinate shift capabilities. Includes Skip function. Requires 600 or 1000 Macro Common
Variables $15,800 $15,800

CONTROL Options For Machine: D500 Frequency
1 51001 60Hz $0 $0
1 52000 200V $0 $0
Select this voltage when customers shop power is between 208Vac and 240Vac.
Requires changing the circuit breaker from 150A to 225A CONFIRM
I/O device
1 63034 Data Center Storage (total:800MB) $3,000 $3,000
Tool compensation
1 65004 Tool Offsets Pairs (Total): 200 $690 $690
1 65015 Tool Offset Memory Type C $860 $860
This function is the same as `Type B` except that separate memory storage areas
are provided for tool length and tool radius compensation data.

5 axis function
1 74520 Rotary Table Dynamic Fixture Offset
This function saves the operator the trouble of re-setting the workpiece coordinate system when the rotary table rotates before cutting is started. With this function, the operator simply sets the position of a workpiece placed at a certain position on the rotary table as a reference fixture offset.

$0 $0

Tool compensation
1 SO00000000005876 Tool Life Management
Tool Life Management $605 $605
TOTAL FOR MACHINE: Makino D500 $615,455

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NOte: This was a Makino demo machine and sold in 2016 Low hours use


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