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Rapid Cure Composite Press

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Globe rapid Cure composite curing press

Revolutionizing production of high quality carbon fiber parts possible with our production-ready RapidCure system
• RapidCure Technology
High Pressure Rapid Curing Systems for Out of Autoclave Composites Manufacturing
0-350 psi pressure
Integrated rapid heating cooling, vacuum, and automated tool and materials handling
17 minute and less part-to-part cycle time on thermoset epoxy prepreg

Industrial Advantages
Reduced tooling requirement
Reduced scrap rates for interrupted cure cycles
Flexibility in manufacturing
Lower energy costs
Reduced processing time
A thermal processing and consolidation system and method
Heating, cooling, pressure, and vacuum all independently controlled according to a set of process parameters
Processes the same materials and resin systems designed to be processed in an autoclave.
System size optimized for the tool size.
1 minute tool exchange time

(3) Globe Rapid Cure press systems immediately available.
Installed new 2012
The presses are currently installed and just completed a high production run of carbon fiber parts for the automobile industry. The maximum part size is approx. 78” x 78”. Complete details are available on the press and production times.

Globe Rapid Cure Composite Press designed for high production of carbon fiber automotive parts

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