C.R. Onsrud Model F148E15 5-Axis Extreme Series CNC Router


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C.R. Onsrud “5-Axis Extreme Series” CNC Router
Thick Fixed Bridge & Vertical Supports, Thermal Heat Treated, Stress Relieved, & Normalized One-Piece, Steel Frame Base; Fixed Bridge, Twin Moving Table Design with 3600” per minute machining speed, full 3-D Capability, precision drives for All axes, precision linear guide ways, centralized manual lubrication system. 12 Tool automatic Tool Changer; Twin Aluminum Tables Function as Independent tables. Twin tables can also operate in tandem as a single table, with full table coverage, Each table has low vacuum sensing safety shut-off with override capability. Includes all switches, valves, gauges, safety interlocks, & Vacuum pluming necessary for either suck-through or dedicated spoil boards, and is easily modified for the use of pod systems. All tables include pressure sensitive safety-stop/emergency-stop bars along the front & rear, & machine is surrounded by a 360 degree emergency-stopcable.

148 5x12 Work Envelope
Aluminum Flat Table - Aluminum Base Tables come standard as a 1.5" thick, ground, cast, tool plate. Base tables can be customized with a bolt pattern, matrix, T-slot, etc., and would require additional engineering.
Custom tables are quoted per project. (This option replaces standard Vacuum Table)

29-inches of Z stroke - Increases 5-Axis Frame under bridge clearance & Z-stroke 29 inches

FANUC 31i-B5 Machine Controller System Option With Integrated PC Interface - Industrial CNC Machine Controller with Fanuc Panel-I HMI w/High Res Touch screen. Fanuc 31i-B5 is not a PC with a control card but is a dedicated industrial PLC designed to control CNC motion, for maximum reliability and performance. Includes; Network capability, adds larger Fanuc digital drives & servos. Includes Full remote diagnostic troubleshooting capabilities. Adds m-code controlled vacuum zones (if equipped with Vacuum Table option). Provided with 4-port network hub (requires 460V out isolation transformer).

Control system.
Head Options:
5-Axis 15 Short-nose Spindle – 4-Pole, 15 HP – 24,000 RPM Double-Armature 5-Axis Spindle w/HSK-63 Spindle Taper. Fully programmable, variable speed, quick-change spindle, capable of routing & drilling, Programmable feed rates with override capability. A-Axis rotation +/- 120 Degrees, C-Axis Rotation + 300/- 115 Degrees.
Chiller for Liquid Cooled Spindle Option – Adds a liquid cooling system & chiller in place of the standard fan & compressed air spindle cooling system. (Recommended when machining mostly non-ferrous metals or when using 20 HP Spindles or larger.
Automatic Oil Mist Lubricator – Produces a continuous output of metered lubricants. Air-driven, Positive-displacement pumps meter each drop of lubricants. Can manually adjust output flow. Combines lubricant and air in the co-axial Nozzle to keep atomization an distribution of the liquid consistent.

Isolation Transformer Options
20kVA Isolation Transformer – Strongly recommended for up to 20 HP models as an electrical noise filter. 6-tap, non-compensating transformer can be specified for your voltage in/machine voltage out

Machine Lubrication Systems Options
Standard Centralized Manual Greased Lubrication

Tool Changer Options
24 Tool Quick Change A.T.C. – Dual Arm Bar Style ATC. Replaces the standard ATC. Decreases the average tool change time to just a few seconds per change.

Electrical Cabinet Cooling Options
8 Additional Outputs for fixture integration
8 Additional Inputs for fixture integration
Compressed Air Delivery
(6) ¼” Threaded ports, Manifold will also have manual on/off valve

Enhancements Options
Productivity + Software by Renishaw – Load a CAD file into performance + and use the tools to create a program to measure specific parts features. Output is posted as a program to run on the machine. Can be integrated with some CAM packages such as Mastercam.
RF Touch Probe System (Renishaw RMP60 or Equivalent) – Includes hardware capable of wirelessly measuring holes, planar surfaces, centers between holes, and outputs points & coordinates.

Tooling Measurement System Options
Auto Tool Length Touchpad Digitizer – Measures tool length and records in machine tool length tables, may not work with custom or non-standard tooling, or some custom profiles.

Mastercam Options
Mastercam Router 3D – Includes all capabilities of Mastercam Router, Router 3D provides advanced 3D Machining for solids, surfaces, single surface 3D HST Toolpaths and STL mashes, Powered by Mastercam Dynamic Motion Technology, it includes roughing, semi-roughing, and finishing strategies and optimized for and solids, (does not include Multi-Axis, Curve5Ax, Swarf, Etc. which are sold as separate add-ons).
Standard 5-Axis Post Processor for Master Cam – Post Processor for a new C.R. Onsrud CNC Router and Current version MasterCAM Router Software, 5-Axis posts can support an A-Axis & C-Axis.
Custom Post Processor For MasterCam – Post Processor for a new C.R. Onsrud CNC Router and current Version of Mastercam software. Includes standard post Processor for 3, 4, or 5-axis machine.

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Fixtures not included

29" Z AXIS, 15 HP 24,000 RPM, HSK 63, 12 AND 24 POS. TOOL CHANGER, FANUC CNC NEW 2017

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