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Technical specifications:

Spindle motor ISO 30 : 1.85 kW - Motor speed control from 1.000 to 12.000 rpm with standard inverter

Axes sliding X,Y,Z on linear guides with high precision

X axis movement with servomotor and drive with toothed belt and high pressure reducer

Y axis driven by a servomotor with precision recirculating ball screw transmission

CNC controlled interpolating X, Y, and Z

Manual lever for Z axis descent with adjustable stop and position display on the control and pneumatic servo-assisted up/down movements

Horizontal pneumatic clamps movable along the work table (n° 4) with dual (low and high) operating pressure and safety valves

Max tool length (from spindle end): 130 mm

Axes specifications: Axes travel X=2675 mm, Y=355 mm, Z=178 mm

Milling capacity: X = 2600 mm, Y = 250 mm, Z = 168 mm

Machinable profile can be longer than the X milling capacity (2600 mm) with the option of alternate use of stops on the left and right of the machine

Set-up for central greasing for recirculating ball-screws and linear guides

Suspended control console and electronic equipment, with graphic display to make the program simple and intuitive to use and an option to program a machining sequence

Work table height 850 mm, adjustable between 830 mm and 880 mm

Work table rotation in complete safety thanks to the selector and the dead man's pushbutton

Beam rotation stop for machining intermediate angles at 2 positions, manually operated (optional)

Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) with pure oil

Machining operations carried out in complete safety thanks to the dead man's handle

MANUALLY ADJUSTABLE profile reference stops on right and left of machine

Working pressure: 7 bar

Air consumption: 24 NL/cycle (normal litres/cycle)

Comall Matrix CNE CNC 3-axis Profile Mill Router

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