32/38mm Citizen L32X 8-axis cnc swiss type automatic new 2016



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L32X (1M10)

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CNC Swiss Type Lathes
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Specifications Below

Number of axis - 8
Main spindle
• Max. turning diameter - 32mm up to 38mm with option
• Max. turning length (in one chucking) - 320mm
• Spindle speed - 8,000RPM
• Drive Rating - 3.7/7.5kW
• No. of turning tools - 6
• Number of tools for front-end machining - 4
• C-Axis - 0.001°
• Max. workpiece diameter - 32mm up to 38mm with option
• Max. workpiece length for standard parts catcher - 150mm
• Drive rating - 2.2/3.7kW
• Spindle speed - 8,000RPM
• Number of tools for back-end machining - 9
• C-Axis - 0.001°
Driven Tools
• No. of Driven Tools (transverse) - 5
• Driven Tool Motor Power - 1.0kW
• Driven Tool Max. Speed -6,000RPM
Other Information
• Axis rapid Traverse - 32m/min (Y2 axis=24m/min)
• Weight - 6,393 lbs
Machine Overview
With a legacy as one of the best-selling Cincom machines, the next-generation L32 is launched with 3 models in modular design.
The L32-X is an 8-axis model including two Y axis. A wide range of modular tooling ensures that the new L32-X is both versatile and flexible enough to meet your production demands into the future.
Up to 44 tools can be mounted at any one time supported by a very high level of control features, stable, powerful, and highly productive with versatility of modular design.

Work Area
Vertical Tool Holder
• 5 rotary cross-drilling / milling spindles and 6 turning tools fitted as standard for turning, grooving, screw-cutting, parting-off etc.
Front End Working Block
• Standard:4 fixed stations for front machining.
• Optional Block: 3 driven tools for front machining (6,000 / 1kW)
Back End Working Block
• Standard:9 end working positions.
• 4 out of the 9 stations can be rotary face or cross working. tools.

Equipped With

Citizen Cincom L32 -X 8 Axis CNC Sliding Headstock Turning Centre, Model L32 1M10 with CINCOM System M70LPC-VU Control, Oversize 38mm Bar capacity, Max Machining Length: 320mm, Switchable between Guide Bush Mode or Non-guide Bush Mode, Main Spindle Collet Sleeve dia 38mm, max 8000rpm, motor 3.7/7.5kw, Sub Spindle Collet Sleeve dia 38mm, max 8000rpm, motor 2.2/3.7 kW, Parts Catcher, Parts Conveyor, Part Off Tool Breakage Detection – Probe Type, Cutting Oil Level Detection, Hydra Jet CM 20 2000 6 High Pressure Coolant Sytem, Absolent A Mist 20S Fume Exractor, Stat X Automatic Fie Extinguisher, Special NC functions: User Macro, Synch Rotation of Main and Sub Spindle, Canned Cycle for Drilling, Tool Nose Radius Compensation Function, Main Spindle 1 Degree Indexing, Sub Spindle 1 Degree Indexing, Network I/O Function, Main Spindle C Axis Control, Sub Spindle C Axis Control, Geometric Function, Constant Surface Speed Control for Main and Sub Spindles, Multi Repetitive Cycle, B Code Function, Compound Fixed Cycles, Corner Chamfer and Radius, Spindle Speed Fluctuation Detection, Milling Interpolation, Synchronous Tapping Function, Continuous Threading Cycle, Helical Compensation Function, Rigid Tapping Function to Main and Sub Spindles, Rotary Tool – Tapping Function, Cromar Type A Swarf Conveyor & IEMCA Boss 338 HD/R Type 32 LL Bar Feeder. S/No. V30346 (2016)
Replacement cost today approx $325,000

32/38mm, main and sub spindle, 8-axis, live tools,
cross tools, high pressure coolant Iemca Bar Feeder cnc controls new 2016

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