26" x 66" AEC Systems Stainless Steel Aqueous-based Cabinet type Parts Washer new 2019


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1. This is a front load cabinet style parts washing system that is constructed of STAINLESS steel. The tank and cabinet are insulated and then cover with 16 gauge painted sheet metal.
- Washer sits on a tubular beam frame with pillow block bearing pivot points for the door.
2. The swing out turntable is driven by a roller chain drive to ensure slippage should anything cause interference with the turntable drive (there are no gears, belts or tires to bind or wear). Door has a labyrinth seal.
- Door interlock switch provided that shuts down system should anyone attempt to open washer door during cleaning cycles.
- A 26” diameter turntable swings out as the door is opened giving 90% exposure of the turntable for operator convenience of loading and unloading.
- Turntable is designed so that the 80mm diameter by 135mm long shaft fits down into the turntable and the 355.93 diameter rest of the turntable.
- Turntable has a jog button to aid operator in loading or unloading of parts.
3. Turntable work envelope is 26” inside diameter by 66” working height with a load/unload height of approximately 40” from the floor.
- Turntable has a load limit of 2000 pounds evenly distributed.
- The turntable is open in the middle so that the stem of the fixture will fit down in the turntable.
4. Wash Stage is a recirculating Heated Wash Stage that is powered by a 15 horsepower vertical seal-less pump that produces 220 gpm at 65 psi.
- The 200 gallon reservoir is heated with an 36 kW Incoloy heating elements.
- There is a digital temperature controller.
- There are fully adjustable stainless steel spray nozzles that are located on the top, side, and bottom of the work envelope to fully encircle the part as the turntable rotates.
- There is a 7-day programmable heat timer for conservation of energy during non-washing hours.
- All sprayed solution falls to sub-flooring in the cabinet that directs it to a common exit port where it cascades over easy to remove horizontal stainless steel chip screen tray (above water level) and then returns the solution back to the wash tank.
- There is a liquid level control to add fresh water and a low water level control to protect the heating elements by shutting them off when low water is detected.
5. An 8x30 (trade size 2) full flow baghouse filter with fore and aft pressure gauges is mounted on the discharge side of the wash pump to collect fine debris from solution before entering the spray nozzles with a pressure switch to indicate to operator when a baghouse filter needs to be changed.
6. A 3 horsepower combination exhaust fan and demister that will collect steam vapor, condense it back to water droplets and deposit the water back to the reservoir, add $3,360.00. Note this option eliminate the need to vent from building
7. Electrical controls are relay logic with standard AEC components being used.
8. Emergency stop button provided on control panel.
9. Digital cycle timer.
10. Fresh water inlet is 1/2” NPT (national pipe thread) and drain valve of reservoir is 1-1/2” NPT.
11. Washer measures approximately 84” high by 60” wide by 61” deep and weighs approximately 2,800 pounds empty.
12. Electrical load 480 volts, 60 cycles, 3 phase, 78 full load amps.
13. Control box is NEMA 12.
14. Controls Include: Power on/off – enables heater
Digital Cycle Timer for Wash
7-day Timer for Heat on/off
Turntable Jog Button
Emergency Stop

COST OF ABOVE WASHING SYSTEM IN STAINLESS STEEL IS $77,978.00 2019, Today’s replacement cost $97,500.00.

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AEC Systems, Model 812, Stainless Steel Parts washer, 15 HP pump,26" table, 66" height, 2000 lbs cap,
200 gallon tank, like new 2019

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