Medical Machinery on the Cutting Edge
CNC Medical Machinery: A Prescription for Manufacturers

Medical instrument, surgical implant, and cardiovascular and orthotic device manufacturers utilize CNC machining to successfully meet their needs for micromachining while achieving the highest possible tolerance, accuracy and precision. CNC equipment is uniquely positioned to create the miniature, yet complex, mission-critical components that go into medical devices.

Medical CNC machine

In addition to creating precise parts from stainless steel, CNC equipment is ideal for machining components from difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium, inconel, invar and kovar. Titanium in particular plays a vital role in medical manufacturing because it is biocompatible and bonds easily with human bone.

CNC Exchange has access to the CNC machinery most desired in the medical manufacturing industry. If you’re looking for a 5-axis milling machine, electrical discharge machining equipment, Swiss machining lathes or other state-of-the-art machines, start your search by checking our machinery for sale listing for the right machine to produce medical screws, an implant prototype or the parts for a precise surgical tool. If we don’t have the equipment you want in stock, we’ll thoroughly examine our vast machine tool network to help you find it!

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