The Best Defense Is a Good CNC Machine
Your Mission: Find the Ideal Military CNC Machinery

The defense industry requires manufacturing equipment that is reliable, durable and capable of producing the most detailed, precise components for ammunition, armor, aerospace and shipbuilding applications. CNC equipment is capable of fabricating military and defense components from many materials, including stainless steel, titanium, inconel, high-purity aluminum, super-conducting copper and more.

CNC drill machine

CNC machinery is used to successfully manufacture cutting tools, including reamers, end mills, drill bits and carbide-tipped tools, as well as precision aircraft parts such as engine turbine blades. Small components manufactured using CNC machinery include screws and spacers, and mission-critical parts for aircraft and missiles.

CNC Exchange offers a range of CNC equipment capable of creating the complex components critical to the defense industry. Our used equipment includes Swiss-type CNC lathes, 5-axis machines and micromachining equipment, as well as wire or sinker electrical discharge machining (or EDM) capable machinery. When you need to manufacture the highest-quality, military-grade parts to the tightest tolerances — at an affordable cost — consider the technologically advanced, pre-owned industrial machinery at CNC Exchange. And remember: If the specific machine you want is not currently in our warehouse, we search our vast network to help locate it!

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