CNC Manufacturing Machinery Produces the Goods
Metal parts crafted by CNC machine
Do More for Less with Used Manufacturing Machinery

CNC machinery has revolutionized the manufacturing industry. Unlike manually operated machines, computer-controlled equipment can run continuously, produce identical products in large quantities, achieve the tightest tolerances, be upgraded via software, and require little to no supervision once the machines are programmed. These features offer manufacturers abundant savings in both labor and time.

Metal Parts Crafted by CNC Machine

Tool and die manufacturing often requires ultra-precise machining. CNC machines accurately create the tools and dies you need to produce your customers’ intricately machined products. That’s why we sell 3- , 4- and 5-axis milling centers; 5-axis machining centers; precision CNC lathes; and more. If your equipment is having a tough time attaining the tolerances and details you need, then isn’t it time to consider purchasing a machine that has the technologically advanced features you want?

CNC Exchange has a vast listing of high-quality, used manufacturing equipment for significantly less than the cost of a new machine. Our used manufacturing machines are cleaned, inspected and checked to ensure proper functionality. If your desired machine is not currently listed, we put our resources to work to help you find exactly what you want.

More Manufacturing Applications of CNC Machinery

In addition to custom tool and die fabrication, CNC equipment is used for numerous other applications in the manufacturing industry. The ability of CNC machines to produce parts on a large or small scale makes them especially well-suited to the needs of manufacturers. Many manufacturing components must also be created with high precision and tight tolerances to assure worker safety, and the reliable operation of machines.

Additional uses of CNC machines in the manufacturing industry include:

  • Commodity components of manufacturing equipment, such as fasteners, hinges and more. Since CNC machines can run at high speed — with little to no operator input after initial programming — they are ideal to produce parts such as screws, nuts and rivets in high quantities
  • Machine housings, including custom housings, for specialty equipment
  • Safety equipment such as guards
  • Automation equipment, including highly precise robotics components
  • Facility infrastructure and components, including those for lifts, racks, vehicles and conveyors

Used Manufacturing Equipment Sales From CNC Exchange

At CNC Exchange, we work hard to make sure our customers can work better. By maintaining an extensive inventory sourced through our vast network of partners and used equipment suppliers, we are able to serve the needs of many of our customers right away.

That network — combined with our history in buying and selling used CNC equipment — also allows us to maintain a high success rate of serving customers by locating machines that we don’t currently have in stock. If you’re looking to sell used manufacturing equipment, we’re ready to work with you to find a buyer, remove the equipment from your facility, and secure a favorable outcome. For more information, contact us via the button below.

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